Hola. I'm Jesus. 

A DREAMER, problem solver, and LEARNER. I came to this country at a young age not knowing a single word of English, but I'm not one to say "I don't know", but instead "I can learn" or "Si se puede". 

I discovered graphic design in high school taking my first photoshop and illustrator classes. After finishing high school, I was lucky to become a DACA recipient and worked two jobs until I gained enough financial freedom. Having a desire for higher knowledge and following my passion for design I pursued a graphic design career in college. I was given the opportunity to take a summer internship at Snap Inc. An experience that opened the doors to many new opportunities.

I believe that if I am not being challenged, I am in the wrong place. EMBRACING CHANGE I took myself out of my comfort zone and moved to Portland, to take my first Pensole Design Academy intensive. This opportunity was made possible by Nike sponsoring my tuition after participating in a design combine.

The love for design grew in Pensole as I was surrounded by DIVERSITY. After my first class, I was able to take a 3-week master class hosted by New Balance in their Lawrence, MA headquarters. Soon after the pandemic began, but it didn’t slow me down. I took my third Pensole Class partnered with VF Corp. Most recently being 1 of 5 Footwear Design Apprentices on a rotation through VF footwear brands Timberland, The North Face, Vans and Altra.

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